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Literature from the Land of Narnia

About Further Up and Further In--A Cadron Creek Publication

Required Resources for Further Up and Further In

Suggested Resources for Further Up and Further In

Narnia Kit

Frequently Asked Questions About Further Up and Further In


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About Further Up and Further In-

A complete set of tools to make The Narnia Chronicles a fun, exciting and successful study unit!

What Shakespearean play influenced The Voyage of the Dawn Treader? Where would you find minarets like those in The Horse and His Boy? What does Turkish Delight taste like? Step through the wardrobe with wardrobe with Further Up and Further In and find out!

Like each of the Cadron Creek unit studies, Further Up and Further In is a highly self-contained curriculum. This full-year curriculum is an extensive study of The Chronicles of Narnia , which integrates a wide range of subject studies, including English literature, social studies, geography, Bible and character building, cooking, and art. It also supplements science and history.

Each of the seven books in the Narnia series is studied in a separate four-week unit. The Appendix section comes complete with recipes, activity directions, recommended reading for background information, poems, a resource listing, and a list of subjects covered, organized under headings for quick reference.

Adventurers who read at a fourth to eighth grade level will benefit the most from this study, but it may be easily adapted for anyone who is not too old to expand his or her horizons. The seven books in The Chronicles of Narnia will need to be purchased separately. (The 1995 printing of the Scholastic edition is referenced in this study. However, these editions are difficult to find since they are now out of print. See Chronicles of Narnia in Required Resources below if you do own a copy.)

This rich study is based on C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia. It covers all seven of the books as well as a wide range of subjects, including English and literature, history, social studies, geography, science, Bible and character building, cooking, and art. Supplemental studies in history, math, grammar, and spelling are recommended to fill out the program.


For more information, see the FAQ's below


CC- Narnia Further Up and Further In

 by Diane Pendergraft; Edited by Margie Gray     $52.00

This unit study approach contains the instructions and list of materials

needed for each lesson of the study. Nicely spiral bound for ease of use. Retails for $56.00. You need only one copy per family.

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Required Resources-

BT- Narnia The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis $20.00

This softcover edition includes all seven of The Chronicles of Narnia. You will need

some version of The Chronicles of Narnia to use the study. Retails for $21.99. Cover may vary


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Suggested Resources-


BT- Joy Surprised by Joy: the Shape of My Early Life by C.S. Lewis $13.00

Lewis’s own autobiograhical journey from atheism to Christianity

This is Lewis's own story of his early life and spiritual journey from atheism to Christianity. Reading the first three chapters of this book as you begin the Further Up and Further In study will help you see how the author’s life is reflected in his writing. You will recognize how Lewis' personal experiences crept into the character of Digory in The Magician’s Nephew and more.


BT- Lewis Poems Poems by C.S. Lewis $13.00

C. S. Lewis originally aspired to be a great poet. His first poem was published when he was fourteen. This book is a compilation of poems printed in various publications from throughout his lifetime. Some of these poems express thoughts which Lewis later developed further in the Chronicles of Narnia. “Narnian Suite,” “The True Nature of Gnomes,” and “The Salamander” are suggested reading for Further Up and Further In.

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Narnia Kit-

CC- Narnia Deluxe           Further Up and Further In              

Deluxe Pack            $95.00

Contains all of the above at a discounted rate (Retails for $109.99)




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FAQs for Further Up and Further In

By Diane Pendergraft
Edited by Margie Gray

How much do I need to spend for additional resources for use with Further Up and Further In?

You will need access to The Chronicles of Narnia. Most resources may be found in your local library. The Further Up and Further In pack contains books which are referred to more than once during the study.

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How much preparation time does Further Up and Further In take each week?

Customers polled spent one hour or less a week.

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How much time does Further Up and Further In take daily?

This is very individual and depends on the number of activities chosen. The range was one to two hours per day. Most teachers spent about half the time the student spent in doing Further Up and Further In.

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Will we have any big problems if we do not use the 1995 Scholastic printing of the Chronicles of Narnia?

Page numbers are not frequently referenced in Further Up and Further In. Many people have used other versions of the Chronicles of Narnia without difficulty.

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How do I adapt FUFI to younger students?

I realize your question had to do specifically with how to go about using FUFI for younger kids but, in general, I'd say that at that age, the most important thing to do is to work on their reading skills, and to make working through the study fun.

I assume you'll be reading the Chronicles to them. That's great. I think the time spent reading with them is one of the most valuable activities.
Choose the activities they're most interested in and leave the rest for later. Do as much hands-on and visual as possible.

Maybe you could find someone who has an attic and read one of the early chapters while sitting in the attic. Something like that that they've never done that will give them a feel for the setting.

Instead of trying to do all the vocabulary, maybe have a Word-of-the-Day. Try short dictation or copying for the 7-year-old instead of reports. Do the Bible lessons with a memory verse instead of the discussion you'll do when they're older. And do all the fun art and science. Spend a lot of time at the library. Let the kids use their imaginations.
                                      — Diane

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I have received my copy of Further Up Further In and I am having some problems getting started. I am confused as how to schedule it. I think I would like to do it every other day and was wondering how everyone else is doing it. I need some suggestions. How does your day go when you are using FUFI?

The book is set up to do 4 chapters a week with one day catch-up. For example, in The Magician's Nephew you would read the first four chapters and do the assignments in FUFI and have one day left over to finish up anything necessary. So, each book would take 4 weeks to complete, assuming you are following FUFI's recommended schedule. If you take 4 weeks for each book then it will take 28 weeks to complete FUFI . This enables you to finish a school year early or take a week in between each book to to further study or finish up unfinished work.

You can do it anyway that works for you. Some only do Bible and critical thinking, in which case it would be easier to go at a faster pace. If you do all the work and are doing other school is would be easier to go at the scheduled pace. Our kids wouldn't let me go slower - they enjoy reading the books too much. I think if I went at a slower pace it would lose the flow of what is being taught from the books overall.

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Do I need to supplement science and history?

Most families with younger children will probably choose not to supplement the science or history. Families with older students may choose to supplement one or the other.

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