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Little House

Lessons from the Little House

About The Prairie Primer--A Cadron Creek Publication

Required Resources for The Prairie Primer

Suggested Resources for the Prairie Primer

Prairie Kit

Frequently Asked Questions About Prairie Primer

About The Prairie Primer-

Experience the Pioneer Era as you explore all nine of the Little House on the Prairie books. The award-winning literature-based unit study, The Prairie Primer, is a ticket to adventure for third through sixth graders. With this interdisciplinary approach, they make butter, analyze owl pellets, watch muzzle loading guns being fired, study the grizzly and learn about animal classification. As they encounter life on the frontier with the Ingall's family, students are challenged to grow in character and wisdom.

Based on the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder,

 The Prairie Primer opens a door to the 1800’s world of the homesteader on the American frontier.

Discover that Pa and Caroline were married in the year Abraham Lincoln was elected president. Understand why men moved their families to the frontier. Learn how common diseases of the day had life-changing effects on even the isolated homes of the prairie. See how the U.S. government’s Indian policies affected homesteaders.

Based on the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, The Prairie Primer opens a door to the 1800’s world of the homesteader on the American frontier. This award-winning curriculum has been utilized by government, private, and home schools for both regular academic programs and as a summer supplemental course. Although developed for students in grades 3–6, it has been used successfully with younger as well as older students.

In addition to literature and history, The Primer covers social studies, geography, writing, science, health, nutrition, Bible, character building, and life application. You can adapt study as you want. The wide variety of subjects and activities allows the instructor to tailor the study to the age, ability, and interest appropriate for your child.

For more information, see the FAQ's below

CC- - Prairie The Prairie Primer by Margie Gray $47.00

 This unit study program outlines a year long program with a wealth of ideas for supporting studies. You need one of these guides per family. If you do not own a set of Little House books, please select the set below. The other suggested resources are helpful to the program and great resources on their own! ($50 retail)


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Required Resources-


BT- House Set Little House Books by Laura Ingalls Wilder $60.00

A nicely boxed set of the nine Little House books ($62.91 retail)

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Suggested Resources-


BT- Cookbook The Little House Cookbook: Frontier Foods from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Classic Stories

By Barbara M. Walker     $9.99

It's history. It's cooking. It’s both all wrapped up into one fun book! Learn that a pound of good butter could cost as much as a nice dress. Make the ginger water Laura brought to Pa in the field and the vanity cakes Ma made for Laura’s birthday party.


BT- LH Crafts My Little House Crafts Book: 18 Projects from Laura Ingalls    $12.99

By Carolyn Strom Collins & Christina Wyss Eriksson

Share a part of Laura's pioneer days by learning how to make the things she and her family made — home decorations, gifts, clothing — right from the pages of the Little House books. There are easy, step-by-step instructions for each of the 18 crafts. All you need to get started are a few simple supplies!

Includes instructions for:

bulletMa's Willow-Bough Broom
bulletMa's Prairie Garden
bulletMa's Embroidered Pillow-Sham
bulletAlice's Straw Air Castle
bulletBaby Carrie's Button String
bulletMa's Button Lamp
bulletLaura’s Bear's-Track Quilt Pillow
bulletMary’s Beaded Lamp
bulletMary's Christmas Tassels
bulletPa and Laura's Hay Sticks
bulletMa's Cross-Stitched Breadcloth
bulletLittle Town Party Napkins
bulletLaura's Woolen Hood and Muffler
bulletLittle Town Orange Flowers
bulletLaura’s Golden Wheat-Sheaf Bread
bulletLaura’s Corncob Doll
bulletMary's Beaded Bracelet and Ring
bullet Charlotte’s Hat
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Prairie Kit-

CC- Prairie Deluxe Prairie Primer Deluxe Pack $128.00 Contains all of the above at a discounted rate (Retails for $135.89)


Note that the deluxe pack above differs from the printed catalog since The World of Little House is not available at this time.


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FAQs for Prairie Primer
By Margie Gray

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How much preparation time does The Primer take each week?
Customers polled spent two hours or less a week.

horizontal rule

How much time does The Primer take daily?
This is very individual and depends on the number of activities chosen. The range was one to four hours per day. The average was about two hours. Most teachers spent about half the time the student spent in doing The Primer.

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How difficult is it to use The Primer?
Most home educators thought the biggest benefit of The Primer was its organization and ease of use. Even those who had never done unit studies before rated it moderately easy.


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