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©  2003 by Amelia Harper. All rights reserved


NOTE: These lesson plans are for the first edition. The lesson plans for the second edition are included in the teacher's edition.

Literary Lessons from the Lord of the Rings

Lesson Plans for High School Students

 (suggested grades 10-12)

These are merely suggested plans. You can cut and paste these lesson plans in your own word processor program and adapt to your own needs or you can

Click here to download a pdf version of these assignments

General Suggestions for Older Students:




General Suggestions for Older Students:

1) Writing assignments are merely suggestions. The number and choice of assignments is up to the instructor. Please take into consideration the age and ability of the student. We would suggest at 1-2 writing assignment per week.

2) Instructions below are color-coded. Tests and Quizzes are in RED. Suggested Writing Assignments are in BLUE. Movies and other suggested enrichment activities are in GREEN.

Day  1           Read Literary Lessons pages 9-13

Day 2             Read Lord of the Rings (LOTR) pages 1-15

                            Do Literary Lessons pages 17-19

Day   3             Read LOTR pages 21-40

Day  4               Do Literary Lessons pages 20-24

Day 5                Read LOTR pages 41-63

Day  6             Do Literary Lessons pages 25-30

Day  7             Read LOTR pages 64-83

Day 8               Do Literary Lessons pages 31-34

Day 9                 Vocabulary Worksheet One (LL  pages 35-36)

                                        Choose a writing assignment from LL Teacher’s Ed page 33

Day 10                  Vocabulary Quiz One (see LL T.E pages 623-624)

                                    Read LOTR pages 84-95

Day 11 Do Literary Lessons pages 37-40

Suggested writing assignment on page 39 (T.E.)

Day 12 Read LOTR pages 96-106

Do Literary Lessons pages 41-43

Day 13 Read LOTR pages 107-120

Do Literary Lessons pages 44-47

Day 14 Read LOTR pages 121-131

Do Literary Lessons pages 48-50

Day 15 Read LOTR pages 132-145

Do Literary Lessons pages 51-54

You may wish to save question five for the next day’s

writing assignment.

Day 16 Vocabulary Worksheet Two – (LL pages 55-56)

Writing assignment page 54 (T.E.)

Day 17                  Vocabulary Quiz Two- (LL T.E. pages 625-626)

Read LOTR pages 146-159

Day 18 Do Literary Lessons pages 57-60

Optional writing assignment page 60 (T.E)

Day 19 Read LOTR p. 160-171

Do Literary Lessons pages 61-64

Day 20 Read LOTR pages 172-191

Day 21 Do Literary Lessons pages 65-68

Day 22 Read LOTR 192-209

Do Literary Lessons pages 69-73

Day 23 Vocabulary Worksheet Three (LL pages 75-76)

Writing assignment on page 73 (T.E.)

Day 24 Vocabulary Quiz Three (LL T.E. pages 627-628)

Read Literary Lessons pages 77-83 (Unit Study 1)

                              Choose writing assignment on page 83 and begin working on it.

Day 25 Do Literary Lessons page 84-85

Work on writing assignment

Day 26 Finish writing assignment.

Read Literary Lessons pages 86-93 (Unit Study 2)

Day 27 Do Literary Lessons pages 95-96

Do project from page 94

Day 28 Study for Test One (Use Study Guide One on pages 97-99)

Day 29               Test on Book One (pages 665-674)

Day 30 Read LOTR pages 213-232

Day 31 Do Literary Lessons pages 103-107

Day 32 Read LOTR pages 233-264

Day 33 Do Literary Lessons 108-118

Day 34 Read LOTR pages 265-286

Day 35 Do Literary Lessons pages 119-123

(you may want to save comprehension question 2 for use as a

writing  assignment for the following day)

Day 36 Do Vocabulary Worksheeto Four (LL pages 125-126)

Optional writing assignment p. 122 (T.E)

Day 37            Vocabulary Quiz Four (see LL T.E. pages 629-630)

Read LOTR pages 287-312

Day 38 Do Literary Lessons pages 127-132

Optional writing assignment on page 131 (T.E)

Day 39 Read LOTR pages 313-323

Day 40 Do Literary Lessons pages 133-137

Choose a writing assignment from pages 136-137 (T.E)

Day 41 Read LOTR pages 324-343

Finish writing assignment

Day 42 Do Literary Lessons pages 138-142

Day 43 Do Vocabulary Worksheet Five (pages 143-144)

Optional writing assignment from page 141

Day 44 Vocabulary Quiz Five (see T.E. pages 631-632)

Read LOTR pages 344-357

Day 45 Do Literary Lessons page 145-149

Choose one writing assignment on pages 148-149 (T.E.)

Day 46 Read LOTR pages 358-370

Day 47 Do Literary Lessons pages 150-154

Optional writing assignment from page 154 (T.E.)

Day 48 Read LOTR pages 371-385

Day 49 Do Literary Lessons pages 155-159

Optional writing assignments from page 158 (T.E.)

Day 50 Read LOTR pages 386-398

Day 51 Do Literary Lessons pages 160-164

Choose writing assignment from pages 162-164 (T.E.)

Day 52 Vocabulary Worksheet 6 (pages 165-166)

Finish writing assignment from pages 162-164

Day 53                 Vocabulary Quiz 6 (see T.E. pages 633-634)

Read Literary Lessons pages 167-174 (Unit Study Three)

Choose writing assignment from page 174.

Day 54 Do Literary Lessons pages 175-182 (Unit Study Four)

Complete writing assignment on page 174.

Day 55 Read Literary Lessons 183-198 (Unit Study Five)

Choose writing assignment from page 198

Day 56 Do Literary Lessons pages 199-202

Work on writing assignment

Day 57 Work on Writing assignment

(OPTIONAL- teacher may wish to have the students read or listen to an audio

version of one of these epics at this point.

See Student Resources for Epics on the website)

Day 58   Study for Test Two (Use study guide on pages 203-205)

Day 59 Test Unit Two (see T.E. pages 675-684)

       Day 60 Read LOTR pages 403-410

Do Literary Lessons pages 209-212

Optional writing assignment page 212 (T.E.)

Day 61 Read LOTR pages 411-433

Day 62 Do Literary Lessons pages 213-218

Choose writing assignment on pages 217-218 (T.E)

Day 63 Read LOTR pages 434-449

Do Literary Lessons pages 219-223

Day 64 Do Vocabulary Worksheet 7 on pages 225-226

Writing assignment from page 222 (T.E.)

Day 65 Vocabulary Quiz 7 (see T.E. pages 635-636)

Read LOTR pages 450-476

Day 66 Do Literary Lessons pages 227-232

Choose writing assignment from pages 230-232 (T.E)

Day 67 Read LOTR pages 477-494

Day 68 Do Literary Lessons pages 233-237

Optional writing assignment on page 237 (T.E)

Day 69 Read LOTR pages 495 - 513

Day 70 Do Literary Lessons 238 - 244

Optional writing assignments on pages 242 - 243

Day 71 Read LOTR pages  514 – 529

Day 72 Do Literary Lessons pages 245 - 250

(note writing assignment for the following day before assigning)

Day 73 Vocabulary Worksheet 8 (pages 251-252)

Choose writing assignment from pages 249 -250.

Day 74                Vocabulary Quiz 8 (see T.E. pages 637-638)

Read LOTR pages 530 - 545

Day 75 Do Literary Lessons pages 253-257

Optional: Choose writing assignment from pages 256-257 (T.E.)

Day 76 Read LOTR  pages 546 – 561

Day 77 Do Literary Lessons 258-262

(optional writing assignment on page 262 (T.E.)

Day 78 You may want to have students view or  read Macbeth at this point. Younger students may want to read a prose version.

See website under BOOK THREE for more resources.

Day 79 Read LOTR pages 562 – 573

Day 80 Do Literary Lessons pages 263-268

Optional- choose writing assignment from pages 267-268

Day 81 Read LOTR pages 574-586

Day 82 Do Literary Lessons pages 269- 274

(note writing assignment for the next day)

Day 83 Vocabulary Worksheet 9 ) pages 275-276

Writing assignment from pages 272-274 (choose one)

Day 84 Vocabulary Quiz 9 (See T.E pages 639-640)

Read and Do Literary Lessons pages 277-284 (Unit Study 6-A)

Day 85 Do Literary Lessons pages 285-294 (Unit Study 6-B)

Day 86 Do Literary Lessons pages 295-303 (Unit Study 7-A)

Day 87 Do Literary Lessons pages 304-308 (Unit Study 7-B)

Choose writing assignment on page 307 and begin working on it.

Day 88 Writing assignment from page 307

Day 89 Study for Unit Test Three (study guide pages 309-310)

Finish writing assignment

Day 90 Unit Test Three (T.E. pages 685-694)

Students may watch the FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING at this point.

Day 91 Read LOTR pages 589-605

Day 92 Do Literary Lessons pages 313 – 317

Optional writing assignment pages 316-317

Day 93 Read LOTR pages 606-621

Day 94 Do Literary Lessons pages 318-323

Optional writing assignments page 321-322

Day 95 Read LOTR pages 622-633

Do Literary Lessons pages 324-327

Optional writing assignment on pages 326

Day 96 Read LOTR pages 634-647

Day 97 Do Literary Lessons pages 328-332

Day 98                Vocabulary Worksheet 10 (pages 333 - 334)

OPTIONAL: You may want to have students

read or view a version of The Tempest at this point.

Younger students may want to read a prose version.

  See website under BOOK FOUR for suggested resources.

Day 99 Vocabulary Quiz 10 (see T. E. pages 641-642)

Optional- finish The Tempest

OPTIONAL WRITING ASIGNMENT: If you view or read The Tempest, you could have the students write a paper discussing the relationship between Caliban and Ariel as it relates to the relationship between Sam and Gollum.


Day 100 Read LOTR pages 648-667

Day 101 Do Literary Lessons pages 335-339

Optional writing assignment from pages 338-339

Day 102 Read LOTR pages 668-678

Do Literary Lessons pages 340-344

Optional writing assignment page 344 (T.E)

Day 103 Read LOTR pages 679-687

Do Literary Lessons pages 345-348

Note suggested writing assignment on page 348 for Day 106

Day 104 Vocabulary Worksheet 11 (pages 349-350)

Optional writing assignment on page 348

Day 105 Vocabulary Quiz 11 (see T.E. pages 643-644)

Read LOTR pages 688-700

Day 106 Do Literary Lessons pages 351-355

Optional writing assignment page 355

Day 107 Do Literary Lessons pages 356-360

Optional writing assignment from pages 359-360

Day 108 Read LOTR pages 711-725

Day 109 Do Literary Lessons pages 361-366

Day 110 Vocabulary Worksheet 12 (pages 367-368)

Optional writing assignment from page 365

Day 111              Vocabulary Quiz 12 (see T.E. pages 645-646)

  Read Literary Lessons 369-376 (Unit Study 8)

Choose writing assignment from page 376 and begin

Day 112 Do Literary Lessons pages 377-378

Work on writing assignment

Day 113 Read and do Literary Lessons pages 381-398

(Unit Study 9). You may need to take two days to complete this.

Day 114 Complete Poetry Unit study (9), if necessary.

Write poem (see page 398)

Day 115    Study for Unit Test Four (Use Study Guide on page 399-400)

Day 116             TEST ON BOOK FOUR (See T.E. pages 695-706)


Day 117 Optional Unit Study: Have students read Literary Lessons pages 379-383


Then begin viewing THE TWO TOWERS.

Complete writing assignment

Day 118 OPTIONAL: Finish viewing THE TWO TOWERS.

Write comparison paper- see page 583.

Day 119 Read LOTR pages 731-755

Day 120 Do Literary Lessons pages 403-410

Optional writing assignment page 410 (T.E)

Day 121 Read LOTR pages 756-773

Day 122 Do Literary Lessons pages 411-417

Day 123 Vocabulary Worksheet 13 (pages 419-420)

Optional writing assignments pages 416 (T.E)

Day 124 Vocabulary Quiz 13 (see T.E. pages 647-648)

Read LOTR pages 774-787

Day 125 Do Literary Lessons pages 421-425

Writing assignment on page 423 (T.E)

Day 126 Read pages LOTR pages 788-811

Day 127 Do Literary Lessons pages 426-433

Optional writing assignments page 432-433

Day 128 Read LOTR pages 812-820

Do Literary Lessons pages 434-436

Day 129 Read LOTR pages 821-831

Day 130 Do Literary Lessons pages 437-442

Note writing assignment for the following day

Day 131 Vocabulary Worksheet 14 (pages 443-444)

Optional writing assignments pages 442 (T.E)

Day 132 Vocabulary Quiz 14 ( see T.E. pages 649-650)

Read LOTR pages 832-839

Day 133 Do Literary Lessons from pages 445-448

Optional writing assignment on pages 447-448

Day 134 Read LOTR pages 840-853

Day 135 Do Literary Lessons pages 449-454

Optional writing assignment on page 453

Day 136 Read LOTR pages 854-864

Day 137 Do Literary Lessons pages 455-459

Choose writing assignment from pages 457-459

Day 138 Read LOTR pages 865-874

Day 139 Do Literary Lessons pages 460-464

Do Vocabulary Worksheet 15 –pages 465-466

Day 140               Vocabulary Quiz 15–see T.E. pages 651-652

Read Literary Lessons pages 467-475 (Unit Study 10)

Day 141 Do Literary Lessons pages 476-478

Day 142 Read Literary Lessons on pages 479-492 (Unit Study 11)

Day 143 Do Literary Lessons pages 493-495

Choose writing assignment from pages 492

Day 144 Work on Arthurian writing assignment

Day 145 Work on Arthurian writing assignment

Optional—View a movie about King Arthur or read another work from

the list of suggested resources under the Arthur Link in the Teacher’s Re sources om the website.

Day 146 Study for Test Five (Use Study guide on pages 497-499)

Day 147 Test on Book Five (See T.E. 707-716)

Day 148          Read LOTR pages 877-894

Day 149 Do Literary Lessons pages 503-507

Optional writing assignment from pages 506-507 (T.E.)

Day 150 Read LOTR pages 895-911

Day 151 Do Literary Lessons pages 508-512

Day 152 Vocabulary Worksheet 16 –pages 513 - 514

Optional writing assignment on pages 511-512

Day 153 Vocabulary Quiz 16- see T.E. page 653-654

Read LOTR pages 912-926

Day 154 Do Literary Lessons pages 515-520

Optional writing assignment page 520

Day 155 Read LOTR pages 927-936

Day 156 Do Literary Lessons pages 521-525

Choose writing assignments from pages 524-525

Day 157 Read LOTR pages 937-951

Day 158 Do Literary Lessons pages 526-530

Optional writing assignment pages 528-529

Day 159 Read LOTR pages 952-966

Day 160 Do Literary Lessons pages 531-535

Day 161 Vocabulary Worksheet 17-pages 536-537

Writing assignment from page 534

Day 162               Vocabulary Quiz 17- see T.E. pages 655-656

Read LOTR pages 967-974

Day 163 Do Literary Lessons pages 538-541

Optional writing assignment on page 541

Day 164 Read LOTR pages 975-997

Day 165 Do Literary Lessons pages 542-549

Day 166 Choose writing assignment from pages 546-549

Day 167 Read LOTR pages 998-1008 (last pages of actual text!)

Day 168 Do Literary Lessons pages 550-554

Day 169 Vocabulary Worksheet 18- pages 555-556

Optional writing assignment on pages 553-554

Day 170 Vocabulary Quiz 18— see T.E. pages 657-658

Read and complete Literary Lessons pages 557-562

(Unit Study 12A)

Day 171 Read and complete Literary Lessons pages 563-566

(Unit Study 12B)

Day 172 Read and complete Literary Lesson pages 567-573 (Unit Study 13)

Begin writing assignment from page 572

Day 173 Complete writing assignment from page 572

Day 174 Study for Test 6 --Use Guide on pages 575-578

Day 175     Test on Book Six (T.E. pages 717-726)

Day 176 Optional Religious Elements Unit study- Read Literary Lessons pages 585-593

Day 177 Optional Writing assignment from Literary Lessons page 593

Day 178 Optional- view The Return of the King





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