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Literary Lessons from the Lord of the Rings


If you reached this page, you may have noticed by now that the book contains a few typographical errors. The book was proofed by several editors, but sometimes things got lost in translation. Most were caught, but obviously, some were not.

       We hate these errors.  We call them "orc-droppings" which conjures up an appropriate (if grotesque) image and puts the blame squarely where it belongs. We are sure that no Men, Hobbits or Elves were to blame. The only consolation we have is that every textbook we have read has them, though most are not as forthright about confessing them. The wonders of the Internet makes such admissions more feasible.

     Also, The Lord of the Rings was published for thirty years before most of the errors were caught and some are even now being corrected, fifty years later. All those Elf names seem to send editors into a tizzy and we understand the feeling. After a while, English just looks odd anymore, you know?

      Important errors will be noted here and corrected in future printings. If you find errors (or, more likely your students find them) please contact us with the information, if you like. We would truly appreciate it. If students find them, praise them for their knowledge of grammar and their budding editorial skills. :)


1.    Some of the chapters in Book One still have the page numbers for the first edition version of The Lord of the Rings. As far as we have been able to determine so far, these errors are limited mainly to three chapters in Book One. We are working on correcting this for books sold in 2011 and plan to post the correct page numbers on this page soon. We appreciate your patience with this and remind you that most textbook publishers do not even attempt to provide this level of help in locating answers.

2. The answer keys for Unit Studies 6-9 were indadvertently omitted from the Teacher's Edition. We cannot post these here since they are answers. However, if you email, we will try to send you a copy of the page as an email attachment within 48 hours. If you cannot receive email attachments for some reason, please include you mailing address and we will be happy to mail you the missing page. We plan to correct this issue in books sent out in 2011.


 1.     On page 678 of the Teacher's Edition, TEST TWO, question 45 has some of the words omitted for some incomprehensible reason. The statement should read "The use of humor to relieve an otherwise oppressive scene."

2. In the student book of Literary Lessons on page 126 question #18 is missing. A case of mis-numbering. Please ignore it.

3. Page 147 in the teacher edition for definition #4-ewer, the teacher edition lists "a vase-shaped pitcher or mug" but the definition in the student book says "pitcher or jug." It should be "a vase-shaped pitcher or jug, consistent with the definition with the glossary. However, this should not affect testing or understanding of the definition.

4. Note on page 190 of teacher and student book in the paragraph that starts "Because Vergil lived..." The rest of the line reads "...much later than homer, we "kmore" about him."  This, of course, should read "know more."

5.    Test 4 question #57 .  The question 57 says “The character of Sam was drawn from the memory of the “batmen”  that served as officers in the war in which Tolkien fought. “ This should be “batmen” that served officers.

6.   On page 409 in both editions, please ignore question one. It does not belong in this chapter. No idea how that happened. :)

On page 707 in test five, question 7.  It  reads "Offered service to Theoden and was made a Guard of the Citadel"   It should it read "Offered service to Denethor and was made a Guard of the Citadel"  


BOOK 5, CHAPTER 1, COMPREHENSION QUESTION 1 which reads: " What has Sam learned from Bilbo?" should be omitted. 


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