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  2003 by Amelia Harper. All rights reserved

Below is a partial list of published articles written by Amelia Harper. Some articles are currently available online and links are provided to these articles. If you would like permission to quote or reprint any of these articles, please click here.

Published articles: (underlined articles have links to actual articles)

"The Educational Value of the Lord of the Rings"

        The Old Schoolhouse, Fall 2003;

"Lessons We Learned from CBS"

        The Old Schoolhouse, Winter 2004

"The Purpose of The Passion" (included Email interview with Mel Gibson)

        The Old Schoolhouse, Spring 2004

The Purpose of 'The Passion'  adapted article on

"Focus on California"

         The Old Schoolhouse, Spring 2004

"Cultural Influences in a Chaotic World" - Interview with author Dr. Mike Adams

            The Old Schoolhouse, Summer 2004

"A Tale of 2 Veggies" Interview with Bob and Larry of Veggie Tale Fame

    The Old Schoolhouse, Fall 2004

"The Idea Behind the Big Idea"--

            The Old Schoolhouse, Fall 2004

"The Value of Homeschool Conventions"

                The Old Schoolhouse, Winter 2005

"Lighting Cultural Candles" - The San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival

                Includes personal interview with Director Ron Maxwell (Gods and Generals)

                The Old Schoolhouse, Winter 2005

"Artistic Media in the Renaissance World: A Mini-tour through the Bob Jones University Art Gallery and Musuem"

                The Old Schoolhouse, Spring 2005

"Frugal Field Trips: Treasured Memories for Family Fun"

                The Old Schoolhouse, Spring 2005

"The ABC's of Homeschooling"

                LifeLine Journal, May 2005

"Akiane: Homeschool Art Prodigy"

               The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Summer 2005

 "What's New in Narnia"  

                The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Fall 2005

"An Exclusive Interview with Douglas Gresham"

                The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Fall 2005

The Great HomeSchooling Debate

                The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

How To Begin Your Homeschooling Journey

                Life Line Journal

"Media Matters"

                The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Winter 2006

Three articles in The J.R.R Tolkien Encyclopedia published by Routledge Reference

                 in the Fall, 2006

"The Tour God Planned"    

                The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Spring 2006

"Benjamin West: Father of American Painting"

                The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Fall 2006

Hundreds of newspaper and online articles.

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